Rainy & Romantic Wedding at The White Barn at Cruze Farm

May 22, 2019

Rainy & Romantic Wedding at The White Barn at Cruze Farm

Knoxville Farm Wedding- Sarahbeth & Tucker

I am so excited to share SarahBeth & Tucker’s rainy & romantic wedding at the White Barn at Cruze Farm with everyone.  This Knoxville couple chose the White Barn at Cruze Farm as the location for their special day.  The venue is perched on top of a hill surrounded by farm fields and mountain views.  The farm was established in 1980 and Earl and Cheri started Cruze farm and in 2010, Colleen and Manjit began the journey to save the family dairy farm.  They recently built this beautiful barn structure to host wedding events.

This was the first time I had photographed a wedding at this barn venue.  In the nine years of photographing weddings, this was the craziest weather I have ever experienced on a wedding day.  We got hit by a fast-moving storm that hit just after their ceremony started.  The storm brought 50 mph winds and torrential rain for the duration of the ceremony.  This storm knocked over their floral arbor, flower pots and several other decor items.  The venue lost power for a short period of time.  Many of the guests, including myself were soaked by the heavy rain.  Despite this storm, SarahBeth and Tucker remained amazingly positive.  Their guests remained in their seats to support this amazing couple.  It was a pleasure to work with this great couple at this new wedding venue.  I look forward to my next wedding at The Barn at White Cruze Farm.

Derek Halkett Photography | Knoxville Wedding Photographer

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