Smoky Mountains Weddings

Smoky Mountain Wedding Photographer | Derek Halkett Photography


The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an amazing location and perfect backdrop for a wedding day. I am proud to be a Smoky Mountain Photographer and always enjoy working in the park. The Smokies allow for a variety of options for a wedding day. The park is the most visited National Park in the country, mostly due to it’s central location and accessibility to a good portion of the United States within a reasonable time. There are several amazing privately owned wedding venues, some of which have a fantastic view of the Smokies.

For more info about some of my favorite venues around the National Park, please take a look at the following link:  Smoky Mountain Venues. The National Park is a very popular destination location for many of out state couples. I have photographed weddings for couples from all over the country. Most couples have visited the park previously and instantly fell in love with its beauty. There are a few locations within the park that provide the best backdrop. I will do my best to outline some of my favorites below.