Elegant & Historic Riverview Wedding

Connecticut Wedding

This is the elegant & Historic Riverview wedding of Leah and Frank.  These two lovebirds tying the knot at the beautiful Riverview.  Leah and Frank are two individuals that share a very strong love for one another.  It has shown itself each and every time I have worked with them.  They are a fun adventurous couple that like to maintain their fitness by adhering to the CrossFit workout routine.  I had the opportunity to photograph them at their local gym for their engagement session.  Their session turned out , click here to take a look.

Leah and Frank got ready for their wedding day at the Simsbury 1820 House and had their wedding ceremony at the beautiful Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, Connecticut.  We stopped by the The Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge for some formal photos and celebrated their marriage at The Riverview.  

Derek Halkett Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

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Pre-Wedding Venue:  

Simsbury 1820 House

Ceremony Venue:

 Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, Connecticut

Reception Venue:

 The Riverview

Formal Photo Location:  

The Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge