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If you have not purchased a Sony A7III camera, you are seriously at a loss or disadvantage. This camera is so incredibly advanced and ahead of the game that it is hard to believe that I stayed with Canon for six years. Canon was all I knew and worked amazingly for me for many years and a couple hundred weddings. Prior to being with the Canon brand I started my photography adventure with Nikon. I was a study for a year with photographer that was shooting with the Canon 5D Mark I. I know, I know… That camera is a dinosaur, but at the time it was the Mack daddy of wedding cameras. It was a beast, both in appearance and size as well as performance. The camera felt great in the hand and the images it produced were amazing. Fast forward nine years and I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


I was hesitant with making the swap to Sony. I was invested in the
Canon ecosystem and like many, I did not want to lose my shirt selling all of
my native Canon glass and gear. There were a few hold out items that the
Sony A7II was lacking that kept me from making the jump. A joystick for
focus point selection, added battery capacity, dual memory card slot and a
solid lens lineup, to include third party lens options. And then a big
thing happened. Sony answered the prayers and ACTUALLY listened to their
users. They gave them what they wanted. The release of the Sony
A7III and answered a lot of the requests of photographers, giving them a larger battery, dual SD memory card slots, a joystick for focus point selection.
Add these new features to an Electronic View Finder (EVF), tilt screen and
electronic silent shutter and this camera is almost perfect….Almost.

Sony A7III- The Best Wedding Photography Camera Money Can Buy


To be real with everyone, there are two things that this camera is
lacking. To make this camera untouchable, it would have to have an
articulating tilt screen that is able to tilt in vertical orientation shooting
and the ability to reverse the screen for video and vlogging applications.
The second problem with this camera is the color rendition & skin tones it
produces. Yes, these are correctable in post editing and you are able to
produce similar colors to Canon or Nikon camera bodies. But out of the
camera, RAW images produce skin tones that I have dubbed, “milk tones.”
The skin tones out of the camera are like faded gray milk. Heavy on the
greens and lacking any warmth. It took some time, but I had to produce an
import preset to correct the skin tones, white balance and curves for RAW
files. Once I tweaked the camera profile in post, the camera is able to
produce images similar to the coveted Canon 5D Mark III and IV.


Then there is the subject of overpriced and hyped Sony G Master lenses. Is it
hype, are they that good? Are they better than Canon L series glass or
the top Nikkor equivalent? It’s completely subjective and hard to
say. First thing is first… The focus system is far superior to any
Canon body I have ever used and couple that with Eye Auto Focus, it is possible that the focus system makes the images look superior to Canon images. When you compare files and pixel peep, you will see that Canon L series Prime lenses produce a special kind of bokeh and for whatever reason, I miss it. I own the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 lenses and they are both amazing. Much sharper and render much more detail than their Canon equivalents.

the camera that ignited the cAMERA INDUSTRY

This set consists of eight nostalgic authentic film based presets that put mood, dimension and depth into every image. These presets are a solid base for any photographer and are versatile for almost any application. To purchase the Lightroom Preset Pack, please select the Add to Cart option below or you can purchase directly from our Etsy Shop by clicking on the photo below Did I mention Sony has Eye Auto Focus? It is by far, the most incredible camera game changer I have ever experienced. Having Eye Auto Focus single handedly makes the Sony system better than any Canon camera body (excluding the Nikon and Canon jump on the bandwagon mirrorless cameras they just released). Sony was bold enough to push past the marking and business purposes that Canon and Nikon have employed for years, holding back features and options on certain camera bodies, so that they would not cannibalize sales of their video camera line or infringe on upper pro consumer level bodies. Sony said the hell with all that, we are going to throw everything into this camera and price it at an insane price point. This left Canon and Nikon in serious trouble. Sales and stock plummeted for both camera competitors and caused them to rush in producing a mirrorless camera to compete with Sony. Sony set the bar and as a result, they have shaken up the market. Nikon and Canon have answered with their turn in the mirrorless market and I still think there are a few things that each of those cameras are lacking. Personally, I would never photograph anything for fee without having a dual card slot on a camera. It is absolutely essential that you have built in redundancy in your work flow and that starts at the camera level.



I absolutely love that Canon and Nikon have stormed back with their first bid in the world of full frame mirrorless cameras. Competition breeds creativity and the future of cameras is very exciting. Let the camera wars begin.




Sony A7III- The Best Wedding Photography Camera Money Can Buy

Sony A7III- The Best Wedding Photography Camera Money Can Buy


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